The human rights to live, to be fed and educated are basic human rights. The needs of destitute families do not consist only in the need for food and education, but are closely related to building a healthy family, which is dependent upon the environment in which the family lives. Viewed in microcosm, when the environment (home) where they spend most of the time and develop their main family activities is not at the right level and not even closely meets the basic conditions of residence, then it also has a direct impact on the development of a family, while in macrocosm in the development of a society, too. The CSA has identified in the field that the environment and personal and collective perspectives of the people (families) are the main factors for taking the decision to live in that country or to migrate elsewhere in search of a “Better Life”. Given these factors, the CSA since 2009 as the first Organization in these lands, has launched as a continuous and professional project, the “Housing” project.

A characteristics of this project is encouragement and solidarity of the local businesses, that besides our Diaspora in funding through donations, our local businesses play a key role in the construction of houses for homeless families, giving their contribution in various forms (financial forms, donation of materials and other necessary items or providing services of various crafts with which they deal). In full sense of the word, this project resembles a “Joint Venture”, which in a harmonized way function in all levels of cooperation. So far several houses have been built, but the population’s needs to resolve the issue of housing are much larger.

You have the opportunity to show solidarity with a homeless family with what you have. Forms of solidarity are different (the above described). So far from our experience, building a house has cost 15,000 to 20,000 Euros, depending on the material contributions of individuals and local businesses.

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