The Basket of Fitr Bayram and Kurban Bayram

The Holiday of Fitr Bayram and Kurban Bayram are the most important holidays in our Albanian society with a majority of the Islamic faith. In these celebrations, our compatriots exchange visits, congratulating each other during the holidays. These visits last several days and in the collective psychology and mentality in our lands, pose a pleasure but also a load, which is particularly is stressed among the poor. Therefore, the CSA has launched the project “Basket of Fitr Bayram” and the “Kurban Bayram” for years, where before, during and at the end of these festive days, the poor families are supplied with a package of products necessary to organize the holiday and spend much easier holidays, which roughly cultivate a similar sense to the rest of the society.
Within the project the “Basket of Bayram”, the CSA organizes collection of voluntary charity and the collected funds, at least one day before the Bayram, and distributes the necessary items to the beneficiary families for the preparation of the Bayram lunch.

Within the project the “Basket of Kurban Bayram”, the CSA collects the Sacrificed Cattle, and manages the complete sacrificial slaughter process, packaging and distribution of meat packages (6-7 kg of meat) to the houses of beneficiary families in the territory where the CSA operates.

You have the opportunity to show solidarity in these projects only with your voluntary charity matching around 20 Euros / family in the “Basket of Fitr Bayram” project. But for the project “Basket of Kurban Bayram”, the price for buying, slaughtering of sacrifices on certain days, with professional staff, meeting all requirements and the standard “HALAL” (also including the hygienic one), will be found in the announcement on our web-site, when we have provided all the final prices prior to slaughtering the sacrifices.

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