Winter support

The situation for poor families in the winter becomes double difficult, taking into account all the conditions in which those families are, as well as weather conditions and the difficulty in circulation that causes winter. The frost below -20 degrees Celsius and the cold in general that prevails in our lands and the severe socio-economic situation greatly make the life extremely difficult for the poor families during the winter season. These families as their main motive have the survival in conditions with which they are faced during winter. So this is one of the reasons that many families, especially from remote areas makes them to move out from their lands. For this reason, the CSA has launched the project “Winter Support” that by offering fuel to offer spiritual warmth and additional motive for such families to live in better conditions during the winter and in this way to prevent the displacement of the population.

You have the opportunity to show solidarity in this project and provide a family with 5m3 of firewood with only 150 Euros, to provide warmth in a family living in tough winter conditions.

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