A phenomenon which is not known enough in our society and which since the ending of the war started to assume greater importance is the care to the orphans, who for various reasons are left without parents and need special care. The “Indirect Ignoring” and their institutional non-treatment and educational at an appropriate level, has made the CSA to remodel the traditional project the “Shelter of Orphans”. From 2013 the orphans enjoy a monthly systematic care, and not as it used to be in the past, only several times a year. Orphans are supplied with 25 Euros / month, an amount which enables them to obtain the basics and have an easier development. Besides supplying with a “monthly salary”, the CSA tracks their growth and development in terms of psycho-social health and at least once a year, conducts recreational activities with them. Orphans have a special treatment even to other CSA projects, e.g. The Bayram’s Baskets where a number of special packages is distributed especially to orphans.

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