One of the main factors to get out of the “circle of the devil” (as said in the Diaspora) is the continuous education of the young generation. Education is the second pillar, in which the CSA is actively approaching. The right to education is a basic human right, as is the right to live and feed. The CSA by identifying the lack of education in different categories of the society, which does not except without touching all generations and both genders, and therefore it has initiated the program “Advance knowledge”. This program contains a variety of projects and activities, starting with various courses of foreign languages, to continue with other sciences like Mathematics, Informatics, etc. Also, the CSA within the project “Student’s Scholarship” has organized the distribution of scholarships for students with poor socio-economic conditions who study in different public universities.

Within the project “Road to School”, the CSA provides travel tickets to school and back, for high school students who do not have the material ability to finance themselves. Also, through the project “My ration”, the CSA has identified and supports orphans or poor children in primary schools providing daily meal (school meals).

Highly appreciating the need and demands of education in society, especially of the younger generations, the CSA is constantly enriching the program “Enhance knowledge”, by organizing various activities in the field of communication, civic and religious education, youth sports activities, etc. At this stage, by highly assessing the role of the woman in family and society, the CSA has decided to found the woman’s sector. The programs dedicated to women will be planned and implemented by them. Within the CSA, the woman will play an active role and will assume all responsibilities to advance women in our society.

You have the opportunity to show solidarity by supporting a pupil or student through our program or various projects within this program, with only 50 Euros / month in the project “Student’s Scholarship”; with only 20 Euros / month to take part in the project “Road to School”; and with only 5 Euros / month in the “My Ration”.

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