Bread and hope

Seeing the alarming situation in our lands, specifically in the Presevo Valley, Kumanovo and Lipkovo where our operating centers function, the CSA has launched the project “Bread and Hope”, which contains a systematic supply of families on a monthly basis, with a food package, which besides food products such as flour, oil, rice, beans, salt, sugar, pasta etc.., contains some hygiene products, such as shampoo, detergent and soap.
From 2009 in Presevo, from 2012 in Kumanovo and Lipkovo, the CSA so far has managed through the project to include 49 families, to whom food packages of hygiene and sanitation are distributed monthly.

In this way, families in need except being supplied with basic items, they have been added a “guardian member” of their families who takes care of them in a systematic way. In the visionary plan the CSA through this project aims to prevent displacement of the population, through continuous care for these families.

Beneficiary families are selected on the basis of criteria defined by the CSA, so that selection is done more realistically and prevent misuse.

The particular part of this project is twinning (brotherhood) of donating and beneficiary families. Donor families sign a one-year contract with the CSA to finance a certain family and during the implementation of the project, periodic visits to beneficiary families are carried out and thus the level of solidarity with these families goes to a higher level.

You have the opportunity to show solidarity with a family in need with only 40-50 Euros / month (depending on the number of members). To take over the funding of a family in need in a certain period of time, click here.

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