Assembly of the CSA

The building of the international network and the establishment of new centers in the Diaspora is not only beneficial and develops communication, activity, willingness, commitment and positive energy to be organized, implemented, maintained and developed, but also brings some challenges in organizational and coordinating terms.

The CSA neutralizes these challenges through the mechanism of ASSEMBLY. The Assembly integrates all centers of the CSA, through regular monthly meetings (real or virtual) to coordinate among ourselves in the organizational aspect and implementation of the projects. So, the Assembly is a forum of the CSA, attended by representatives of their presidencies, to be informed, coordinated and organized about the progress of the project development, and activities of each center and the corpus in general.

The Assembly possesses work Regulation, which is compiled based on the long standing experience of functional centers, through which is guaranteed a high level of professionalism, and thus differs from other organizations.
Through the Assembly is provided a common and coordinated approach of the entire CSA corpus, which then, through the implementation of concrete projects, goes to the benefit of our citizen, to our ethnic territories.

If you are interested in becoming part of the network and also a member of the general Assembly, contact us at and you will be notified with all necessary information, as well as the Rules of work of the Assembly.

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