Work Philosophy

The CSA is nourished by the Philosophy of the wider Service to the Population. This Philosophy is not only to serve for the Sake of service, but is deeply in embedded in the Love to the Country and Population that has been living and resisting here for hundreds of years. This Love culminates or is joined with the consciousness, that by serving the People and its Needs but also for its advancement, with a wider energetic commitment and union, our Generous Creator will increase and improve our heavy situation in general because surely after every Difficulty comes relief.

Therefore the problems and challenges of society represent the core of our work, which are primarily promoters, from which energy is generated by pushing us to be more exacting in serving the needs of our population. This social “ice berg” that nobody knows its breadth and depth, which has been built for decades, is our aim. We will work together and commit to reduce and eliminate it fully. In this situation and with this Goal, the CSA emerges as an alternative Plan where positive wills are converged of our many citizens from the country and the Diaspora, who with their commitments synthesize, manage and deliver projects (activities), after deeper analysis of the target, aiming at the right time and place, to achieve a little bit of improvement or change in the positive sense.
We are increasingly aware that social problems are increasing more and more. To challenge this prevailing reality it is necessary to be more sympathetic as individuals and as a society, under the principle that whenever you cared for the other who has a scrape or need, or you have helped positive processes and have prevented negative ones in society it means you have saved yourself, family and society wherewith you coexist.
Therefore the Center of Solidarity and Advancement is open and requires cooperation in the realization of its mission with anyone who expresses willingness to work and deeply motivated commitment, just for being in the service of society in which we live, whether they are individuals, groups or organizations, helping or influencing on the reality that surrounds us.

Hence, the CSA has started and is extending its network in the Diaspora, gathering its countrymen around itself. The idea is to give the technical possibility to compatriots in the Diaspora to orient their contributions toward their countries, even though from a great distance from the places where they come from. Thus an institutional communication bridge is built for information and dissemination of the solidarity idea in the Diaspora, but also among the European peoples, becoming deeply familiar with the situation in our ethnic lands.

Therefore through solidarity in solving various social problems and the manner of delivering its services in the field, the CSA wants to build a new consciousness more advanced for our country and its people.

Our philosophy consists not only to contribute in financial aspect (humanitarian), but to integrate new ideas and different experiences from our members in the Diaspora, which serve our society to advance it further. In the Diaspora centers, in an organized way are being integrated people with different profiles who will draft advanced strategies and approaches with the aim of advancing our overall society, especially in the prevention of displacement of our population from ethnic ancestral lands. This philosophy is multidimensional which in itself comprises the spiritual aspect, too. We are convinced that if we engage jointly and show solidarity in the struggle against poverty in material aspect, as well as in terms of spiritual and educational, as well as in preventing migration of our population, then also the assistance of our Generous Lord will be on our side.

The Center of Solidarity and Advancement will always be grateful to all those who joined our mission or support us, or cooperate in achieving our goals far the most popular. We will constantly try to be transparent with the society and in its service, and for the accomplished work and commitment, we will seek only the Pleasure of our Lord, Creator and Supplier.

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