Who is C.S.A. and what does it represent?

The CSA is an autochthonous organization, which has its source in the Albanian people in order to serve the people itself. Its activity is based on the philosophy: From the people to the people. Many young intellectuals from the Albanian lands are united to build an organization “different” from others in analysis, approach and philosophy.

The CSA is an independent and apolitical organization. The basis of the philosophy of self-understanding is that in the spotlight is the MAN who, in the lands where we live is suffering for the most basic things of life, which represent basic rights and needs of a human being: food, shelter and education. For this reason no beneficiary, activist, member of the network, a member of the Centers’ headships, donors, collaborators, etc., may not be excluded because of the origin, culture, age, gender, race, political and religious views, or even of his limited skills.

Members of the CSA join exactly in these purposes, to show solidarity with the people, who for most of the population in the Albanian lands are invisible. The CSA has made and objective to itself to be the advocate of this layer of society and also to be the spokesperson and promoter of their situation, with the aim of sensitizing the wider Albanian society about the position of their brothers and sisters, their compatriots. For this reason, the CSA is an open organization in which are joined members and groups of people from all Albanian territories, like Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and the Presevo Valley. With its serious and professional work, the CSA with its centers in the Diaspora has managed to provide members and non-Albanian partners, such as Germans, Swiss, Turkish, etc.

All centers operating within the CSA are registered in the states where they operate, function independently and have Assemblies, presidencies, memberships and statutes in accordance with laws of the states where they operate.

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