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The Center of Solidarity Advancement (CSA) as a civic organization, which since its foundation, by a Group of young intellectuals and goodwill, gathers people of different profiles and ages all over Albanian territories and the Diaspora. Originally it was founded in 2007 in Presevo called Center of Humanitarian Solidarity (CHS), which until 2011 realized its mission and its activities mainly in the humanitarian sphere, as a precursor of the CSA.

Estimating that the needs for solidarity in the field keep growing more and more Problems cannot be solved without a true mobilization, CSA in 2011 changed its strategy, including two new aspects: 1. Advancement of Society through its Education, and 2. Distribution of the Idea of ​​Solidarity throughout the Diaspora.

From 2011 onwards, this new Strategy of service to the People took a new dimension, besides the humanitarian component, in itself it would include the component of Advancing the People and simultaneously also to require individuals or Groups from our Territories, which form the new centers in the Diaspora, that even among our population in the Diaspora but also among the European population is distributed the Idea of Solidarity. So its mission underwent change only in expanding the areas of activity and its structure, while in focus as always remain the people’s needs.

The CSA implementing now its new strategy, from 2009 began to expand its networks. Initially the center was founded in Switzerland, followed by two other centers in Germany and Belgium. After the formation of three centers in the Diaspora, CSA built a good potential foundation to support also other centers operating in the Albanian lands. Therefore in 2012 the CSA established an operating center in Kumanovo, Macedonia.

The CSA estimates that in the Albanian lands there are also needs for establishing other operating centers, so in Kosovo and Albania. This geographical development will be done along finding and integrating among its ranks in the centers of Diaspora. If you would like to become part of the CSA, too, or initiate the foundation of an operational center in your country, then click here.

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