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Building of the international network is extremely important to minimize problems and multidimensional challenges of the Albanian society in our lands. Through networking is aimed to build centers in all the states of Europe and the American continent, where a large part of the Albanian Diaspora lives.
Each center should have its Assembly of at least 10 persons, who choose presidency from their ranks. Also, the centers should be equipped with the Statute or Rules of Procedure and to register at the relevant institutions in the state where they operate. All this serves to our general awareness that only through the institutionalization of work and division of responsibilities within the members of leadership, ensures high level of professionalism and maximum transparence. At the same time it is aimed that through this form of organization to build a new mentality and psychology of acting in the social aspect.

It is also aimed that the Centers have collaboration or partnership with other organizations or institutions in the states where they operate. This collaboration or partnership can be provided when centers are organized institutionally there, as described above. Cooperation and partnership with local organizations and institutions, provides an extra energy, to address and solve the problems of our society. In this form several different partners have already been provided, so in practice it has been proven this strategic approach of international networking.

Another aspect of the building of such a center is the membership aspect of our compatriots in the Diaspora from all lands. The member can choose himself and determine in which project and in which operating center in our ethnic territories in the Balkans, to send his contribution. It does not end with that, but the member is issued a certificate by the CSA for granted contributions, which can be proved in the Ministry of Finances (tax services) for the donation given to humanitarian issues and thus tax with a smaller percentage about annual incomes in the state where the member acts.

Hence this form of membership contribution, not only affects positively and directly on the situation in our Lands in the Balkans, but also enables reducing the amount of incomes tax annually in the country where he operates, by declaring the amounts granted as donations to humanitarian issues, which the state will take into consideration during the calculation of the annual income tax.

Centers in the Diaspora through this form of organization and their local activities, manage to build a communication mechanism between our compatriots, but also to get acquainted more closely with the society in general. This communication brings multiple benefits and generates ideas, experiences but also individuals with different profiles, who with their contribution in areas where they are competent can bring benefits to our society in general.

If you want to become part of the CSA network, then you may contact us through email at: We’ll let you know in more details about the procedure of building a new center in the state where you operate.

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