We inform all interested that Turkey’s state grants scholarships to high school students – Madrasah. These scholarships are intended for students from all Balkans, but students PresevoValleycan participate in this competition, too.
For admitted candidates, these scholarships include free education, respectively Turkish language course of one year, and then Madrasah studies in duration of four years. Besides the study, costs of accommodation, food, and other services will be covered and other services provided in this category of students, including supplying with textbooks, library membership, etc.
These scholarships are granted by two schools, one inIstanbul and the other one in the city ofKajsiria.

Application is made online (directly through the Internet), whereas interested candidates can apply for application in the premises of the Solidarity and Advancement Centre in Presevo, at address, street M. Tito N/N (at the intersection of the Gnjilane road), or can be informed by phone 017/668 537 as well as email address: info@solidariteti.com, working days from 9:00 to 15:00 am.

All the students who have finished primary eight grade education can apply in the competition.

The competition is published by the Embassy of the Republicof Turkeyin Belgradeand for more detailed information you can be informed through the official website of Turkish Diyanet:  www.diyanet.org.tr

The deadline for application of candidates is June 15, 2012.

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