In the presence of the Islamic Center of Lausanne inSwitzerland, representatives of local companies, local media and public personalities, the Solidarity and Advancement Center of Presevo, today officially handed the double-room house to the Shabani family from Presevo.

This family so far has lived in poor housing conditions, while at the initiative of the SAC and the support given to this project, people of good will from the Presheva Valley and broader, thanks to the given contribution made possible providing a roof over head of this family, it was the culmination of this success by building and furnishing these houses.

The contribution of citizens and local companies has been of various forms, such as financial means, construction materials, hydro-sanitary materials, doors, windows, furniture, kitchens, carpets, as well as manpower.

The Solidarity and Advancement Center is grateful to the representatives of the Albanian Islamic Center of Lausanne in Switzerland, and all other contributors who made ​​possible the successful accomplishment of this project, by not completing this project with Shabani family, as there are still families in the Presevo Valley living in poor conditions of housing for which in future such initiatives will be taken, hoping that support from people of good will would be even greater, in all respects.
At the end SAC also thanks the local media for their contribution in the publication of cases that are facing difficulties such as accommodation, but as well as in supplying of families with basic food and hygienic-sanitary items.

Down below you can see some photos and video of this event.

From the Solidarity andAdvancementCenter, Department of Solidarity

In Presheva, May 28, 2012.

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