The Solidarity and Advancement Center (SAC) on the occasion of Kurban Bairam (Sacrifices) realized its traditional project “Basket of Kurban Bairam.” From 175 slaughtered animals (25 cows) 775 families benefited from the settlements of Presevo and Bujanovac with grave socio-economic conditions, such as families of orphans, the destitute, the disabled and families of martyrs.

The enormous number of Kurbans (Sacrifices) is the result of the successful cooperation and trust that our partners have shown and are showing in support of all projects, especially the project of the Basket of Kurban Bairam, which we just realized.

Slaughtering of animals is done in suitable environment, where a maximum importance is given to the hygienic and sanitary conditions by a professional team.

SAC has already gained a good experience in managing different situations when it comes to the realization of the Kurbans slaughtering, where it mobilized activists from its ranks during the night shift, respecting strict rules and deadlines of the Kurbans slaughtering.


Thanks to the cooperation that SAC has with Local Council of Miratoc, the Association of parents of children and youth with disabilities from Presevo, WVO from Presevo, etc.., the SAC officially sent Kurban meat packages to these institutions, while LC of Miratoc gave a cow which was slaughtered and made the distribution of meat to families in need from the village of Miratoc.

In realizing this project contributed H.A. “Solidarity” from Solothurn, Jugendkulturzentrum “Takva” from Zurich in Switzerland, Sunnah Dietikon Mosque, as well as citizens of the Presevo Valley. A special contribution came from the congregation ofGeneva, where an amount of money was sent, through which festive food packages were sent on the occasion of Kurban Bairam for 35 families from themunicipalityofPresevo, which were delivered before the holiday.


A special contribution was given as usual by the enterprise “Agrokultura” from Presevo, which took care for the transport of meat, also the municipality of Bujanovac for providing a vehicle which was engaged in distributing meat in the field in remote mountain areas, but a special thanks goes to all SAC activists, who tirelessly helped in compiling lists of eligible families and distributed the kurban meat.

The SAC is thankful to all those who contributed in the realization of this project and we ask our Creator Almighty to accept the sacrifices and contributions of everyone, by rewarding them with His blessings in both worlds.

The Solidarity and Advancement Center

Department of Solidarity

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