On 17.01.2012 the Department of solidarity awarded five tickets of monthly travel for secondary school students from themunicipalityofPresevo. In this way going to school has been facilitated to these students:

  1. Shpresa Junuzi, Bukuroc
  2. Zuale Rexhepi, Miratoc
  3. Faton Sahiti, Miratoc
  4. Nerimane Jakupi, Miratoc
  5. Filloreta Ida, Leran

This project is identical to the last year one, same this year our center is in solidarity with those in obtaining  knowledge, but for economic reasons they encounter different difficulties, ranging from travel to school. Hereby we tried to ease down their grieves.

The project will last until the end of the academic year 2011/12.

Department of Solidarity

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